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A new tool to help you understand and improve your social wellbeing

When we look at devices that track and measure our health, we’re hyper-focused on the physical elements like activity, weight, or sleep. But while these are important, they don’t make up the full picture. The globally recognized definition of health includes mental and social well-being in addition to the physical.[1] In fact, studies show that strong social connections are just as important to long-term health as adequate sleep, being fit, having a good diet, or even not smoking.[2] We recognized this and set out to build a tool that leverages our deep expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers understand how they sound to others, helping improve their communication and relationships. This tone of voice analysis tool is called "Tone," for short.

For example, Tone results may reveal that a difficult work call led to less positivity in family discussions, an indication of the impact of stress on social well-being.

There are many ways that you can use Tone, but I will share an example of my own. I have been working from home with three kids under the age of four, so I use Tone to gut check that I am not taking any stress out on my family or friends.

I've seen team members use Tone to practice for big meetings or presentations, understand how they may sound over video conference calls, and make sure they're conveying what they want during an important conversation.

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