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Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Tunisia

Map Overview

The initial spawns are located on the north and south ends of the map, each team facing inroads toward the dense center. From the south spawn, two paths lead straight up to the main square. The left of these two paths branches toward the third which leads to the mazelike streets dominating the west side of the map. Of note is a second-story window overlooking the center street from the south, a vantage point likely to be used by many players.

Basic Tips

The map’s open layout and long sightlines offer ample opportunity to take out enemies moving in the open, and vice versa against you. Thus, moving through Tunisia is a matter of checking and clearing each new area before you move on toward the next.

If you’re looking for close-quarters battle, lean into the left side of the map. The areas here are tighter with large pieces of cover from which you can launch close-range attacks against enemies on the move.

Master Tactics

Tunisia is a large map, and best learned by exploring all of its paths. Whether you’re spawning from the north or south, make a point of trying out different paths with different weapon types.

Once you’ve learned the map, you can better anticipate how the enemy will move through it. The window covering center street, the scaffolding in the main square, the ladder leading up to the platform in the south west corner: memorize these positions and use them to your advantage.

Scorestreak Field Guide

The vast majority of Tunisia is open ground under clear skies, making all Scorestreaks fair game.

Objective Play

Objective play condenses Tunisia’s open field into intense chokepoints, whether you’re rushing to the Hardpoint or throwing down at the Domination B flag. For these modes you want speed and resilience — the speed to get to the objective quickly and the resilience to survive when you get there.

Consider a lightweight weapon like an SMG for faster movement speed paired with Flak Jacket and Tac Mask. Prefer more speed? 10 Tips On a big map like Tunisia, it’s vital to scope out the enemy. 9. Bring a sniper rifle. Tunisia’s long streets and main square provide ample long-range sightlines for the sniper on the move.

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