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The Rank Up Report #30: Tips for Completing the Hardest Season Three Officer Challenges

Operation: Rank Up Report #0030

Day 210 – 10:24:48 PST

Operators of the Week

This week, I featured Bale in his Epic Protectorate skin, found in the Security Detail Store bundle. He looks like he’s ready to successfully protect a few Spetsnaz officers, especially with that War Saw assault rifle blueprint included in the bundle (and what both my Operators are holding).

Top Rank Up Tip

100 Officer Challenge Ribbons is always a beautiful sight at the end of a Season. Want to follow me in getting a full ribbon page for Season Three? As per Rank Up Report tradition, here’s the advice I have for completing 10 Ribbons that may be giving you trouble out of the last 50.

Challenge: Sniper Kills Headshots – Get 7 Headshots with Sniper Rifles or Marksman Rifles. – Rank 110 (6,000 XP)

Remember: Marksman rifles kill with a single headshot, with all but the SKS having that feature at any range.

Challenge: High Five – Get 200 kills with a Weapon with 5 attachments – Rank 112, (9,000 XP)

All kills with Legendary weapon blueprints, such as the Prototype Alpha found in the Purple Tracer Pack, counts for this challenge.

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