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Earn More Rewards in Call of Duty®: Mobile in Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events Overview

Select any challenge to view its Key Reward, which is the item you will earn after completing the entire challenge. When viewing a challenge, use the arrows to cycle through each of its steps. Each step gives players a specific task to complete which are based on the theme of the main challenge. Complete the current step to earn a reward and to gain access to the next.

Earn New Weapons: Pharo, Locus, and Cordite

To celebrate their introduction, the current season, Once Upon a Time in Rust, has added three new functional weapons players can earn for free through seasonal events.

Complete the sixth step of ‘Close Quarters Master’ to unlock the Pharo SMG, earn the Locus sniper rifle after completing the seventh step of ‘Elite Marksman’, and get the fan-favorite Cordite SMG after completing every step in ‘Gunslinger’. And if you think the base versions of the Pharo and Locus are good, complete all the steps of Close Quarters Master and Elite Marksman to unlock the Pharo – Bandit and Locus – Flowing Bronze.

3 Tips for Mastering Seasonal Events

For example, complete step five of Elite Marksman to unlock the Arctic .50 – Arctic Viper, which will help you complete step six’s requirement of getting kills with the Arctic .50.

2. Each step rewards Battle Pass XP, increasing in number the further along you are in each challenge. Complete every challenge for major Battle Pass progression and unlock even more content in the Battle Pass along the way!

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