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The Rank Up Report #28: Iskra and Platinum Pistols (Handguns)

Operation: Rank Up Report #0028

Day 196 – 11:32:04 PST

Operators of the Week

Of course, I had to feature Iskra as my Allegiance Operator after her bundle officially came out this week. Even the weapon that both featured Operators are holding – the Insurgency – is a part of this awesome Bundle.

It is a really great way to kit the weapon for accuracy – a must when trying to pick off enemies in Warzone – and the design is just plain cool.

Top Rank Up Tip

This week, I spent time getting Platinum pistols – or handguns - much – as you can see by the Platinum Renetti above. Just like my LMG Platinum Guide, I’m going to break down tips for getting Gold on every handgun, which ultimately leads you to unlock Platinum camo on this weapon class.

Spray Paint – Kill Enemies (250)

You can’t level up a weapon and gain more camo challenges without earning kills so...

Woodland – Kill Enemies with Headshots (50)

Weapons like Handgun Charlie can kill an enemy in a single headshot.

Dragon – Get Hipfire Kills (30)

Yes, but in most cases, any sidearm can be accurate when hip-fired. The hip-fire spread is small enough to make this weapon type viable when fighting in close-range situations.

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