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Battle the Circle Collapse in Warzone Battle Royale

Even if it’s not your preferred strategy, it’s worth mastering the edge.

Circle Collapse Overview

If you’re new or need a refresher, the circle collapse is the deadly gas that closes in throughout the match, forcing players into an ever-shrinking safe area. These collapses occur in waves, split between one countdown where the gas stays put and another where it closes to its new destination, indicated on the Tac Map. With each new wave the countdown shortens.

Play the Edge

In your next Battle Royale match, drop right on the circle’s line, or even outside of it since you’ve got a few minutes before the first collapse. Most players drop inside the circle or in the first few zones along the flight trajectory, while dropping outside of the circle provides a bit more safety.

Stay near the line when the gas closes in on the first safe area. The greatest advantage of playing near the gas is the enormous cover it provides. As long as you pay some attention to the gas – an enemy with a Gas Mask can still flank you, after all — you’re usually safe from attack in that direction.

Trap Your Enemies

The gas is just as deadly to the enemy as it is to you, a fact that you should use to your advantage. If you’re fighting indoors and the gas is coming, there are only so many exits toward safety. Rush outside before the enemy does, cover their most likely exit points, and wait for them to either brave it in the open against you or die to the gas.

Have a Gas Mask? If you’re properly equipped and the situation arises, you can move right into the gas for critical re-positioning. Head right into the gas and race for the flank. Attacks from inside the gas are the least expected.

Look Ahead with Recon Contracts

Complete the contract to view the next safe area, displayed as a yellow circle on the Tac Map. This helps you develop a better strategy. Loot up and find a defensive position within the yellow circle, and then shoot down enemy players rushing toward it when the area becomes viewable to everyone.

Rushing straight to the yellow circle, however, poses some high risks. You can choose not to reposition into the yellow circle right away, and instead play the edge between the current safe area and the next, looking for routes where you can cut off enemy players moving in.

Tips for Mastering the Circle Collapse

1. When you play the edge, you may want a Gas Mask. It can save you from a collapse or give you the means to flank unsuspecting enemies. If you haven’t found one on the ground or in a Supply Box, remember that you can always purchase a Gas Mask from the Buy Station, a worthy investment for its life-saving capabilities.

2. While you’re at it, consider purchasing a Self-Revive Kit at the Buy Station.

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