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Mode Recon: Demolition

Rules of Engagement

Teams alternate between attacking and defending two bomb sites, similar to Search & Destroy. Unlike Search & Destroy, attacking players always spawn with a bomb and defuses don’t end the round. This leads to constant pressure and fights around both bomb sites.

Strategies for Demolition

The opening play in a Demolition round is extremely important as teams move into position to destroy or defend the bomb sites. The attacking team gains a huge advantage if they can take out one of the sites right from the start, while the defending team gains the upper hand if they manage to get Intel on the enemy and counter their initial push.

On the attacking side, you can split up and send players to both bomb sites or attempt to overwhelm a single bomb site using everyone. You could also overpower the defending team by rushing to a single bomb site.

Map Specific Tips

Rust Attackers should consider taking the B bomb site first, as there are more cover options available. Detonate B first and you’ll have the whole team available to focus on the more open ground of A. Defenders should know that the top of the central tower covers the A bomb site, while the middle platform is better suited to protect B.

Hackney Yard

Both bomb sites here are in tight spaces, so expect a lot of CQB and grenades. Consider using Tracker to spot footprints so you can better anticipate resistance when approaching a bomb site. Consider using the Rampage (Tier 51) weapon blueprint here, a highly mobile SMG with a large ammo supply.

Shoot House

The Shoot House bomb sites are located in the north and southwest, leaving the east side Shanty Town mostly clear as players focus on A and B. It may be a longer path, but it might provide the angle you need to break through an enemy chokepoint. Try the Beefeater (Tier 55) weapon blueprint for a strong mid-range weapon with CQB capabilities in its 12-gauge underbarrel attachment.

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