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The Rank Up Report #26: Trouble Bruen (Mk9) with Platinum LMGs

Operation: Rank Up Report #0026

Day 182 – 10:03:58 PST

Operators of the Week

This week, I’m showing off Firebreak Kreuger for the Allegiance, and Mighty Arsenal Thorne from the Coalition.

Top Rank Up Tip

None other than the Bruen Mk9, which is decked out in shiny Platinum camo above. The Bruen Mk9 is an open-bolt LMG that packs a serious punch, and is yours to unlock either through a simple challenge, or the new Encryption bundle. You can read all about unlocking this LMG here.

Spray Paint – Kill Enemies (525)

Yes, you have to earn 25 more kills to earn all Spray Paint camos compared to the 500 for SMGs... It just goes to show that LMGs are literally the bigger brothers to SMGs.

Woodland – Kill Enemies with Headshots (75)

Only needing to earn 75 headshots isn’t so bad, especially with how accurate LMGs can be and their headshot damage multipliers.

Digital – Get kills while Crouching (65)

Fun fact: crouching reduces your hipfire spread slightly, so it may be wise to chase this camo while also going for the Dragon camo challenge.

Dragon – Get Hipfire Kills (45)

The expression “spray and pray” is basically built for LMGs, which come with a high hipfire spread even if you throw on a Merc Foregrip and 5mW Laser.

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