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Create the Ultimate Weapon in Gunsmith Customs, Now Live in Modern Warfare®

Time to inspect your blueprint attachments and combine them together to form the ultimate in customizable firepower.

Enter Gunsmith Customs: a way for you to further customize your weapon by borrowing attachments from multiple blueprint variants, ultimately creating a beautiful masterpiece of wood, steel, and hot lead.

Within Gunsmith Customs, you can swap the appearance of weapon attachments to feature elements from all of your unlocked blueprints.

1. Gather Your Blueprints

You might forget how many blueprints you have, so why not go to the Armory to see how stocked your arsenal is? Within the Weapons menu, scroll all the way down and select the Armory to see and preview all your blueprints.

2. Head to the Gunsmith Bench

When you are ready, go to the Edit Loadouts menu, select your loadout, and, after selecting a weapon, tab over to the right to get into the Gunsmith menu. In addition, you’ll see the new Gunsmith Custom features once you select an individual attachment to equip.

3. Select the Attachments

After picking an attachment, you’ll be able to see if you can customize its appearance (from your available blueprints) if it has a special icon next to it. The above menu screen shows a drop down list of different appearances of that specific attachment from unlocked blueprints. If you have the version of a blueprint attachment unlocked, then you’ll be able to equip it across any version of the weapon. For example, we had yet to unlock the 5.45x30mm 30-Round Mags on Assault Rifle Hotel but since we had a blueprint weapon that had that attachment, we’re able to equip it, albeit with the appearance from that blueprint.

5. Finish and Name Your Blueprint Hybrid

Once you are happy with your creation, adding camos, a different reticle, a charm, or stickers on top of your hybrid attachments, you can save this weapon as a Custom Mod and name it whatever you want.

Those seeking uniformity may want to throw a camo on your final creation.

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