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Warzone Mastery: Zhokov Boneyard

Towards the western limits of Verdansk and north of the main Train Station is an area that is usually off limits to residents: a cemetery for aircraft that have since retired from the fleets that flew in and out of the Verdansk International Airport.

Here lies the remnants of these machines, strewn about a dusty rolling field with a familiar Scrapyard among the wreckage.

Lay of the Land

The place where planes go to die: A large cemetery of airline fuselage sections, hangars, and warehouses where Zhokov’s crew stripped and sold the parts to the highest bidder.

Landing and Looting

If you plan to land at the Boneyard, prepare for combat: despite being a rather large area, it is one where Operators around the world choose as a preferred landing spot.

1. Because it is named area on the initial flyover, Operators see this as an easy place to call out as a drop zone.

Attacking and Defending

Within the Zhokov Boneyard, any weapon can be used in a preferred combat scenario; with enough practice, your squad will be able to draw enemies to an advantageous battleground inside the Boneyard and slay them.

If your squad likes close-range engagements, try to force action in the Scrapyard, which was built as a traditional Call of Duty Multiplayer map and rewards fast-paced combat.

Top Five Tips

5. Boneyard: Far From Bone Dry. From the hangars to the numerous broken planes, the Boneyard has no shortage of loot despite being a dumping ground for scrap metal.

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