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Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Aniyah Incursion

A bombed-out palace stands over the landscape two kilometers outside of El Nadaar, Urzikstan. Welcome to Aniyah Incursion, a 6v6 Multiplayer map that primarily features the enclosed portion of Aniyah Palace. This 6v6 version centers right onto the palace and its immediate vicinity, challenging players to fight through the rubble for control over the second floor and the streets below.

Part of the Season Three content offering, Aniyah Incursion rewards all styles of play, from CQB loadouts shooting it out in the palace to sharpshooters exchanging shots over and through the streets.

Read on for a full breakdown of Aniyah Incursion, from the Crossroads to the School and everything in between:

Lay of the Land

A once exquisite palace is now barricaded and occupied by military forces vying for control of the area. With many entrances to the first and second palace floors, control of the building is tenuous at best, requiring a major defensive effort as reinforcements pour in from every angle.

The previously busy streets are now littered with military supplies and housing, drawing the Coalition and Allegiance forces in an effort to secure new resources and positioning. Until then, the focus is on the palace.

Map Detail

The palace dominates the center of the map with a diversity of distinct zones in its immediate vicinity. Here are the 12 zones this map contains:

Crossroads — Coalition Spawn

There are four total pathways toward the palace: two in the north — one leading to the Pool House and the other to Tents — and one central and one southern route leading straight to the Palace Entrance .

The key point of interest here is a mountable trio of crates by the southern entryway, where players can shoot into the Palace Entrance from behind the wall. Sharpshooters can be especially devastating here, with sightlines into the palace’s west-facing windows and up toward Swimming Pool.

The two-story Pool House overlooks a large portion of the northern streets, with long sight lines over the Swimming Pool, Cargo Containers, and Palace Sandbags, not to mention several north and west-facing Palace windows. As much as you can see is as much as you’re exposed, so pay attention to your angles and consider equipping the Recon weapon perk when defending this zone to see enemy nameplates at a greater distance.

With an Overkill loadout on hand, you can break in and clear the place with an SMG or shotgun and then switch to a longer-range option to guard against distant enemies.

Adjacent to Pool House, Swimming Pool is in a state of disuse with a makeshift ramp leading back up to the palace grounds. The pool itself offers some protection from street level fighting, giving players a chance to recuperate from battle before running up and rejoining the fight. Some corner crates on the shallow end make for a valuable attacking point against enemy players coming into the open from Cargo Containers and Palace Sandbags, and the ramp leads straight toward Tents and the A flag in Domination.

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