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War-Zone Mastery: BCH TV Station

When you break down the BCH4 TV Station into its simplest form, it’s no wonder why it is a popular landing locale: It is a central, familiar area to veterans of the franchise where Contracts, Supply Boxes, and loose loot are abundant in a large, yet still manageable, interior.

To help you understand how to survive within each area of Verdansk, we present our War-Zone Mastery series, which is based off our Official Warzone Strategy Guide. On top of that, this series will provide additional strategies for landing, looting, attacking, and defending within and around the zone.

Lay of the Land

This zone contains six points of interest, including the Grazna Bridge spanning across the frozen Gora River. From the bridge going east, you’ll pass by a collection of buildings that makes up the Building 3 and Electrical Maintenance, as well as the Server, Office, and Outbuildings locations.

Landing and Looting

Given that it is a named zone towards the center of Verdansk, TV Station is one of the most popular landing spots within Warzone. In other words, it’s rare to only see a squad or two land here, and it may not be wise to drop here alone.

When deciding to drop in on the TV Station, note that its foyer has plenty of broken skylights where one can fall through, allowing you to easily access the main building.

Attacking and Defending

This brings us to strategies when fighting in and around this area. With multiple points of entry, splitting up is just asking for a full squad to rush in and clean house.

Top Five Tips

5. Broadcasting Live from Central Verdansk. Veterans of the Call of Duty franchise will find the TV Station to be familiar ground: the ground floor shares a layout to the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map Broadcast.

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