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Call of Duty®: Mobile: Tips for Unlocking the KN-44 and Prophet

It’s a weapon that adds even more depth to the already deep assault category and is one you just should have in your loadouts.

Here’s how you can unlock this new weapon, along with the soldier Prophet and other cool rewards before this limited time event ends:

Unlock the KN-44 Through the Color Spectrum Draw

Although the Heavy Shot event is one way to get the KN-44, you can get a Legendary version of it from the Color Spectrum Draw. This exclusive draw includes a full spectrum of colorful rewards, including the KN-44 Color Spectrum.

The Heavy Shot Event

The base version of the KN-44 is unlocked through an event that focuses on playing Multiplayer games and completing several tasks to earn points. There are 100 points worth of tasks on offer through this event, and you will need to complete 70 points worth of tasks to unlock the KN-44.

Heavy Shot Event Strategy

First things first, invite your friends for some Call of Duty: Mobile. If you don’t have friends, reach out to this awesome community!

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