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Introducing: The VLK Rogue Shotgun

Complete the in-game weapon challenge to unlock the VLK Rogue. Read on to meet the latest addition to the shotgun class and find out how to complete the challenge.

Meet the VLK Rogue

The VLK Rogue is a 12-gauge mag fed shotgun with extensive options to modify range, stability, and maneuverability. Here are just a few things that make the VLK Rogue such a powerful addition to the shotgun class: Adjust pellet spread with Muzzle and Barrel attachments for different playstyles. With nine attachment slots, you can go to either extreme with plenty of variation in the middle.

2. Pump Grip

The Pump Grip attachment slot is unique to the VLK Rogue, featuring three new attachment options.

3. Overkill

Not willing to rest all your hopes on close-range power? Blast enemies around tight corners and inside buildings, then swap to an SMG or assault rifle to cover the mid-range or to finish off fleeing opponents.

How to Complete the Challenge

So how do you unlock the VLK Rogue? 1. Navigate to the Loadouts tab.

Blueprint Review

The 6” Revolt attachment offers a short, compact barrel that sacrifices range for speed and agility, with a wider pellet spread for tight spaces. The 5mW Laser improves hip fire accuracy and sprint to fire speed. No Stock and 4 Round Mags stack improve movement and aim down sight speed, so that you can better run down your enemies and take them on up close. Stippled Grip Tape further increases aim down sight and sprint to fire speed.

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