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Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: Striker 45

Unlocked at Tier 31 in the Season Two Battle Pass, the Striker 45 brings a powerhouse addition to the SMG weapon class. Gunsmith enthusiasts have a lot to work with here, including an option for a 2-fire burst mode using special ammunition.

Build upon the weapon’s natural strengths for power in the mid-range or focus on close-quarters attachments knowing that you can still land shots at range when you need to. This is a weapon you want to level and experiment with.

Striker 45 Overview

The low ammo count is compensated for by the weapon’s natural precision and stability at range. Ammunition attachments for 45 Round Mags and .45 Hollow Point 12 Round Mags make for completely different playstyles, so you may want to create and save several customized weapons in Gunsmith.

The biggest drawback to consider is the weapon’s low natural ammo supply of 75 total rounds on spawn. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself low on ammo in a desperate situation.


Available at Tier 100 in the Battle Pass, the Undertaker Legendary Blueprint is both sleek and effective that gives an extreme boost to the weapon’s accuracy. The Undertaker is ready for more than just mid-range play as the 5mW Laser offers improved sprint to fire speed and hip fire accuracy to handle sudden close-quarters engagements.

1. Undertaker

Primary: Striker 45 Primary: Striker 45

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