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This week in Call of Duty® - March 16

Over 100 players drop into the world of Verdansk in a battle for victory. This is Warzone, a massive combat experience from the world of Modern Warfare. Warzone is now live and free-to-play for everyone. You do not need the full version of Modern Warfare to play. [Get__details__on__downloading Warzone here].

Want more insight into Warzone? Check out the Official Warzone Strategy Guide featuring over 250 tips including, tips for surviving the Gulag in Battle Royale, vehicle overviews, loadout suggestions, and an interactive atlas of Verdansk featuring over 300 points of interests with detailed information like amount of cover and looting opportunities.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Get a new Soldier from the 141 Task Force in celebration of the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone, a combat experience, from the world of Modern Warfare. The new Season of Disavowed continues this week and now players can earn the Trap Master class in Battle Royale. Complete challenges in Battle Royale like playing matches and using Electric Trip Wire to earn the new class. Visit the Events tab to see all the details, then jump into Battle Royale to start earning this new class available now until March 25.

Get 2X Tiers in MP and Blackout, Double XP in MP, and the Tungsten Tripler and Titanium Treble offers in the Zombies Laboratory to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Black Ops 4, now live through Thursday, March 19th!

And starting Tuesday, March 17th, carry the flag back to your home base and earn Double XP for your efforts in this week’s 2XP Capture the Flag playlist. Here’s a preview of this week’s playlist in Black Ops 4:

Get the details on the Call of Duty League website. Stay tuned to the league website for more updates and announcements regarding the 2020 Call of Duty League season.

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