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The Rank Up Report #18: Tomogunchi and the First 50 Ribbons

Operation: Rank Up Report #0018

Day 126 –19:09:06 PST

Challenge: Doing Work – Earn 7 Triple Kills on enemies near an Objective flag (Rank 57, 15,000 XP)

This challenge requires you to first pick an objective game mode with a flag. Although I love me some CTF, Domination is probably your best bet for this – the next officer challenge is to win 10 Domination matches, so you’re killing two birds with one stone – or Ground War.

If you are playing Domination, either go for a flag flip – taking the enemy team’s home base flag – or take a trip to a hotly contested B flag to begin your quest for a triple kill.

Challenge: IAV – Get 50 kills using the Infantry Assault Vehicle (Rank 65, 9,000 XP)

Ground War is your friend; Infantry Assault Vehicles can be found loose on multiple maps, which means you don’t have to necessarily earn them to use them. Its first, fourth, and sixth objectives can all be done while using the IAV, whether it’s using the turrets, running enemies over with it, or destroying vehicles.

Challenge: Revenant – Get 75 kills while damaged (Rank 67, 15,000 XP)

Just be aggressive; close-quarters fights tend to get you banged up more than long distance encounters.

Challenge: Karma – Get 15 kills with an enemy weapon (Rank 82, 12,000 XP)

Note that you don’t have to kill the same enemy with their own weapon to complete this challenge. It may take some time to get used to picking up someone’s dropped weapon, but once you do, this challenge is fairly simple.

Challenge: Emergency Airdrop – Call in 7 Emergency Airdrop Killstreaks (Rank 92, 9,000 XP)

With Kill Chain moving to the Perk 1 Slot, try using a loadout with it and Hardline. From there, you’ll have to get four kills to earn your first streak, a double kill with that streak to earn the next one, and then just one additional kill with that second streak to get an Emergency Airdrop.

Challenge: Bloodthirsty Killer I – Get 5 kills without dying 10 time(s) (Rank 94, 12,000 XP)

By going after the above challenge, you’re essentially completing this as well.

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