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New Content in Call of Duty®: Mobile Disavowed is now Live!

Earn More with the Battle Pass

For extra tiered content, purchase the Premium Pass to get even more rewards as you progress. The Premium Pass offers more content parallel to the Standard Battle Pass, including exclusive Premium Pass items. Plus, the Premium Pass includes Elite Tasks offering more ways to progress through the tiers.

Fight on a new Multiplayer Map

Disavowed launches a new Multiplayer map never seen in a major Call of Duty release - Cage. A small map with an emphasis on close quarters combat, Cage heightens the tension in fast-paced battles that encourage frequent engagements.

Expand Your Skills with HIVE

Bring carnage to Cage and eliminate enemies with the new HIVE Operator Skill, giving players brief control of a launcher that deploys proximity mines. Use the launcher to cut off exits and entryways, and to ward off enemies trying to take the objective. The HIVE Operator Skill rewards players who best anticipate where the enemy will be and punishing them when they arrive.

Credit Store Update & More

For those who can’t get enough camo options, an update to the Credit Store at the launch of the new season, Disavowed, includes the HSO405 Ukiyo-e, the AK-47 Metal Note, the AK117 St. Patrick’s Day, and the MSMC St. Patrick’s Day. Earn Credits by playing the game and through the Battle Pass and spend them to expand your growing arsenal.

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