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Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Atlas Superstore

Once a major shopping center for the citizens of Verdansk, the Atlas Superstore has since become a battle zone and weapons storage facility for Zakhaev Arms. Backlot

Map Overview

Atlas Superstore includes a bevy of shortcuts and mantling opportunities to outsmart and out position your opponents. Most zones include some form of verticality, whether it’s hopping onto a crate for a slight height advantage or up into the shelving to engage from a more powerful overwatch position. The key to success lies in mastering the layout and anticipating the enemy’s movement, using every bit of the environment to your advantage.

Map Zones:

Here are the 22 zones in Atlas Superstore: Nursery


The Allegiance spawn sees the greatest amount of action in Domination, where the A flag sits behind the trash heap. At the match start, decide ahead of time whether you want to make a break for the Nursery or the Kitchen, depending on your ultimate destination. The fastest starting team often gains the early advantage in objective modes, which can help carry you through to victory.

From Backlot, Nursery offers an easy transition up into Overwatch, offering an ideal vantage point over the action below. On ground level, both Hardpoint and Headquarters have an objective point in Nursery, with potential engagements coming from the west, south, and east.

Expect a lot of action from the upper level here, with open sightlines into Nursery, Lumber and Mid Stockpile . The east wall on the lower level can additionally offer cover and add an element of surprise when heading toward Lumber.

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