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One v One Me, Bro

When Season Two returned Rust to the battlefield, the next step was using the classic map to settle up age old scores in one-on-one firefights. Rust’s small design and verticality lends itself for tactical skirmishes where any Operator can test their skills.

Read on for tips on solo play and advice for besting any Operator on Rust. 1. Battle Preparations: Crafting a loadout that meshes your preferred playstyle with the design of Rust can give you an instant leg up in the fight. 2. Dress for Success: Although Operator skins are purely cosmetic some may make you easier to spot in a match. If you want to give yourself a better shot at victory, choose a skin that matches the dusty oil yard of Rust, so you don’t stand out.

3. Pre-Match Strategies: Having a game plan before you get into the fray is never a bad idea. One of the worst things you can do during a one v one match is play predictably.

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