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Nitros Oxide takes his final swing in the Gasmoxia Grand Prix

Bandicoots, the villainous Nitros Oxide has one final challenge – take the race to outer space on a track way up in the atmosphere of his home planet Gasmoxia! The Gasmoxia Grand Prix transports players to this toxic planet going through a galactic-sized fast food war on February 20 at 7 AM PT (3PM UTC).

The final Grand Prixfeatures a new track, character, Karts, skins and a new set of Time Trials where racers will attempt to beat out the Galaxy’s self-proclaimed ruler, Emperor Velo. Plus, players have a final chance to grab a Championship Kart (if they don’t have it already) and the distinct Gasmoxia Grand Prix decal.

Before you step up to the track, read on to discover all the intergalactic fun this Grand Prix has to offer.

Race through the Drive-Thru

Nitros Oxide has challenged racers to compete on a toxic track high above the Gasmoxia skyline in the middle of a brewing fast-food war. That’s right, Gasmoxia’s two biggest conglomerates, Nuclear Pizza and Toxic Burger, are vying for planetary domination and a game-changing sponsorship with CTR TV. As a result, Gasmoxia features one of the most technical tracks in CTR history with twists, turns, and shortcuts that only the bold dare attempt.

Don’t let the (literal) food fight slow you down and strive for victory to master this challenging track and escape from Gasmoxia’s toxic dystopia!

Devious New Character

This devious and dastardly new character is the self-proclaimed ruler of the galaxy (a common theme, isn’t it?) and ready to claim victory on Drive-Thru Danger. Add this character to your roster of racers by unlocking him in the Nitro Gauge.

Velo Time Trials

Think you race fast? Emperor Velo has set out some ambitious times to prove he’s the best in the galaxy. Head to Time Trials to tackle a new challenge: Velo time. The newest insanely fast times will prove difficult, but don’t let the Velo get the last laugh in this race. Each CTR Nitro-Fueled course will have a Velo time that you can compete against.

In-toxic-ating new Karts

Three new karts are available to unlock this Grand Prix that channel Gasmoxia’s distinct vibe: The Void Manta, Velo Chopper, and the retro-vibing Galactic Cruiser. Choose between the three if you prefer a sleek yellow to enter the Void, a ride fit for self-proclaimed ruler with the menacing looking Velo Chopper or use grit and an old school vibe to best the Drive -Thru Danger with the Galactic Cruiser. Or get all three and you can look like a racer on any planet.

Pit Stop Updates

Gasmoxia’s brought some new items to the Pit Stop, so you can blend in with the locals. If your racer needs a new look, grab some swag to help them weather the atmospheric conditions and fly and race under the radar like a real Gasmoxian. In particular, be on the lookout for some spacey new skins for Spyro, Koala Kong, the Nitro Squad and the true benevolent overlord of the entire galaxy .

The Grand Champion of Gasmoxia

As the final Grand Prix of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, this will be the final opportunity for players to earn the Champion Kart (if they don’t have it already). Finish in the top 5% of the Grand Prix leaderboards and be awarded the Champion Kart and Gasmoxia signature decal. Race to finish on top of the leaderboards and add the decal to round out your collection and sport your CTR Nitro-Fueled expertise every time you ride down the track. PLUS, players can unlock two additionalChampion Decals this season - - one for beating all of Nitros Oxide’s times in the Time Trials and one for beating all of Emperor Velo’s times in the time trials.

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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Gasmoxia Grand Prix Intro


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