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Mode Recon: Reinforce

Season Two of Call of Duty® content includes a returning objective game mode that is a hybrid of some of the classics: Reinforce. Read ahead to get all the insight on this mode, then ready up to jump in a match and play Reinforce.

Rules of Engagement

Players rush to capture flags to gain ground and position for their team. If your team captures a flag, all teammates in spectator mode will respawn and rejoin the match. Revived teammates will respawn near the flag that was captured. Be especially careful when respawning near the ‘B’ flag as it typically in the center of the map and hotly contested.

Strategies for Reinforce

Because there are multiple ways to attack your opponent and secure victory, there are multiple strategies that can be employed to win the game. Arguably the toughest way to win is by capping all three flags. If you are able to aggressively push into the opposing team’s spawn (which might be needed to take all three flags), you may be able to eliminate the other players and win that way.

Reinforce Your Map Knowledge

Crash The center of the helicopter is the location for the B flag which has multiple entry points and plenty of perches where enemies can snipe from and zero in on this location.

Gun Runner

Because of the map’s size and spacing between the flags, it’s possible to capture a flag without other teammates.

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