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The Rank Up Report #14: Season One Completion Tips

Operation: Rank Up Report #0014

Day 98 – 11:00:05 PST

Far Sighted – Get 7 Longshot Kills while surviving with low health (Rank 109 / 9,000 XP)

One of the toughest ribbons in the season is unlocked early compared to others later down the progression line. Combine these sightlines with mounting your weapon – which makes it more stable for long-range firefights – and you’re on your way to completing this ribbon.

VTOL Jet – Get 15 Kills with a VTOL Jet (Rank 115 / 9,000 XP)

Try using the UAV and Cluster Strike Killstreaks – the latter can help you complete another ribbon challenge requiring 15 Cluster Strike Kills – with a loadout that includes Kill Chain. That way, those one, two, or hopefully three or more Cluster Strike kills will put you on the fast track to a VTOL.

Four Piece Dinner I – Get 2 Quad Feeds (4 uninterrupted kills in the kill feed) (Rank 125 / 3,000 XP)

Getting four kills in a row can be tough, even if you aren’t trying to go for Quad Feeds. With how chaotic combat can be on this tiny map, getting quad feeds should come a little easier than on a standard 6v6 map. Resistance – Get a 5 Kill or better against attackers while guarding a single objective without dying. (5 or more kills without dying against attackers) (Rank 136 / 6,000 XP)

Those who don’t typically play objective game modes may need to get out of their comfort zone for this one. In the objective game mode of your choice, get on a highly contested objective and constantly check all angles of attack for approaching enemies.

Juggernaut – Call in a Juggernaut (Rank 154 / 6,000 XP)

My idea was to use Kill Chain in order to rack up a good streak with the Precision Airstrike and VTOL Jet. This is probably your best bet when it comes to attempting this challenge, as getting 15 kills only using a standard loadout can be tough for most players.

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