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Pro Tips: From the League to the Lobby - Launch Weekend Edition

The Call of Duty League kicked off with its Launch Weekend, a three-day event hosted by the Minnesota Røkkr where all 12 pro teams competed.

When it comes to playing Call of Duty® at the highest level, these competitive players are the experts. So, in between their matches and after their amazing plays, we asked them some of their top tips for Modern Warfare Multiplayer.

Even if you don’t plan on playing competitive, these pro tips are specifically for those who want to improve their game in public matches.

Paris Legion’s Louqa Breaks Down Sneak Defusing

Few expected the Paris Legion to perform well on Launch Weekend, let alone win a match. Their win against the London Royal Ravenswas the exclamation point on their breakout weekend, as they beat their fellow Europeans during Rivalry Sunday. In game two of this series, a Search and Destroy match on Arklov Peak, the Legion went from being down 4-0 to winning six straight rounds, sapping momentum from London’s finest en route to a sweep.

Gunless on Playing the Objective

Another undefeated team from this weekend was the Chicago Huntsmen, who beat both fellow pre-season favorites Dallas Empire as well as OpTic Gaming Los Angeles.

How to Be Clutch in S&D with Only One Word

During the Florida Mutineers 3-2 victory against the Seattle Surge, Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson made a smart decision in a crucial Search and Destroy match on Gun Runner.

And, according to the man himself, it was all thanks to one word: patience

wuskin’s Tip for Sniping: Be Confident

One half of the London Royal Ravens wonder duo Bradley “wuskin” Marshall was absolutely stunning throughout first Call of Duty League Home series, but the main takeaway from the event has to be his ability with the HDR sniper rifle.

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