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Modern Warfare®: Top 5 Reasons to Finish (or Get!) the Season One Battle Pass Right Now

Each reward unlocked in the Battle Pass gives your Operator that extra something: whether it’s surprising your enemies with a stunning new skin or ranking up quick with help from an XP token.

The Season One Battle Pass will go away, but the gear you unlock during the season stays with you. Finish all 100 Battle Pass tiers and you’ll have an incredible haul of weapons and skins to show you were in on the action, right from the start.

When Season One ends, the tiers of the Battle Pass system get a refresh. If you haven’t purchased your Battle Pass yet, or still need to unlock all your tiers, it’s not too late! The current progression you’ve made will still be in effect when you purchase the Battle Pass.

If you purchased (or are purchasing) the Battle Pass for 1000CP, you might want in on a little secret: The Battle Pass includes Call of Duty Points, too. This is a major reason to unlock all tiers before the Season Two Battle Pass refresh.

Season One’s Battle Pass offers an impressive range of unlockable weapon blueprints. But, once these blueprints vanish from the Battle Pass when Season One ends, they may not come back. Finish your tiers now to secure yourself a full arsenal of these limited-time weapon blueprints, like:

On days when you only have time for a few rounds of Team Deathmatch, your secret weapon is the XP token. Equip these game-boosting items during matchmaking to double up on Rank XP or Weapon XP, depending on the type of token, for a set time.

The Battle Pass offers all types of XP Tokens: 30min Weapon XP Tokens, 1hr XP Tokens, and much more. Like all Battle Pass rewards, unlock XP Token tiers as you play.

Before Season One ends, there will be a few in-game events to help you unlock more tiers for your time. You can pick up tiers at a reduced price during the Tier Sale that ends on February 5 at 10 AM PT.

Complete the Season One Officer Ranks, before rank refresh, and unlock all the attachments for your favorite weapon.

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