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This Week in Call of Duty® - February 3

This week Modern Warfare introduces a new mode to Gunfight in the 2v2 Grind playlist and kicks off Double Weapon XP and Double XP on February 5 at 10AM PT.

Gunfight Grind introduces new strategies to the single life Gunfight mode and the classic Multiplayer mode Grind. This limited time mode launches on February 4, so grab a partner and check it out.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

A new Scorestreak is available for players to earn - the XS1 Goliath. The XS1 Goliath is an armored robot with a minigun that can fire off limitless ammo. When players earn the Goliath, they can throw a signal flare to have a crate airdropped on your position. Activate the Goliath from the crate, then watch as it rains devastation on your foes. Head in game to view the challenges, then complete them to get the XS1 Goliath Scorestreak.

Double XP in Multiplayer and Zombies continues through Feb. 6 in Black Ops 4 on all platforms, and starting Tuesday, earn Double XP in a mash-up of two fan-favorites in the Deathmatch Domination playlist, where you’ll earn score by capturing points and taking out enemies.

Multiplayer – 2XP Deathmatch Domination, Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit The 2nd Home Series of the Call of Duty League kicks off this weekend at the Copper Box Arena in London. The London Royal Ravens will host seven teams this weekend in the first tournament-style event of the season.

Players in the London area can get tickets here, and those wanting to catch the action at home can watch on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel.

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