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The Rank Up Report #22: Finishing your Season Two Officer Challenges

Operation: Rank Up Report #0022

Day 154 – 13:21:43 PST

Challenge: Throwing Knife – Get 40 Throwing Knife kills (Rank 112, 9,000 XP)

If you have difficulty landing Throwing Knife kills, try getting closer to the enemy where there is less of an arc to deal with, and leading your throw to where they are moving, if they happen to be running in a certain direction.

By the way, having a Throwing Knife equipped allows for one-hit melee kills, allowing you to chase the Close and Personal challenge (get 75 melee kills) that is unlocked a few ranks after this one.

Challenge: Resistance – Get 5 Kills while defending an objective without dying (Rank 117 – 1,500 XP)

The XP reward may not be massive, but make no mistake: this is a hard challenge. Unfortunately, the Cluster Strike gets less love through these challenges, as a few rows down, its own ribbon only requires you to earn two of them. #StrikefortheClusterStrike

Challenge: Merciless Killer I – Get 10 kills without dying 3 times (Rank 127 – 9,000 XP)

A wise man – my boss – taught me a one-word philosophy that helped me gain longer killstreaks and made me a smarter player: Zen. In a fast-paced game of Call of Duty®, sometimes, taking a moment to breathe and relax can help you make better decisions that leads to a longer in-game life.

Challenge: Helo Support – Call in the Helo Support Killstreak 3 times (Rank 130, 9,000 XP)

Kill Chain, which is now in the Perk 1 slot, will help you tremendously when trying to get Helo Support Killstreaks, which require an 11 killstreak in order to use.

If you have these friends, or really nice random teammates, go with a Killstreak set-up that includes the Support Helo, a 5 Killstreak (your choice of Cluster Strike, Precision Airstrike, or Cruise Missile), and the VTOL Jet at 8 Kills.

Challenge: Snack Attack – Kill 2 or more enemies with a single piece of lethal equipment 3 times (Rank 131 – 3,000 XP)

Although proximity-based equipment is great, you are probably better off using a grenade or another thrown explosive, such as C4.

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