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Steel Legion, the New Season of Call of Duty: Mobile, is now Live!

Battle Pass

Want more insight on what’s new in Steel Legion?

Get More with the Battle Pass

Players can progress through both tiers simultaneously by completing daily and weekly tasks. These tasks can range from using a specific weapon or playing matches and tasks can be in either Multiplayer or Battle Royale. Premium Pass

In Steel Legion, players can earn a new functional weapon – the GKS. At Tier 25 players can earn a new Killstreak – the Shock RC. Alongside the GKS and Shock RC, players can also earn Weapon XP cards, camos for various gear and equipment, and Credits – in-game currency you can use to purchase even more goods like Sprays, and even fully weapons!

Reaper, the experimental war robot, kicks off the Premium Pass at Tier 1. Plus, the prodigal son from Black Ops 2, David Mason, is found at Tier 12 in the Steel Legion Premium Pass.

Prepare to do battle with the Steel Legion ‘Magmacomb’ weapons. The Steel Legion ‘Magmacomb’ weapons can be found throughout the Premium Pass at Tier 1 for the M4, Tier 20 for the M21 EBR, and Tier 30 for the AK-117. Also, players can find Weapon XP cards (higher value than standard Battle Pass), Call of Duty Points, Credits, Crates – featuring a haul of gear, weapon skins, and camos, and more.

A Showdown Shoot Out

You and a partner face off against another squad of two in a single elimination showdown. To win a game, you must win six matches. Eliminate the two enemy players within the time limit, or the match goes into ‘overtime’. You can win by either taking down the enemy or capturing the flag. If the flag isn’t captured nor the enemy defeated, the team with the most health wins.

A New Perspective to Warfare

The 20v20 Battle Royale mode – Warfare returns as limited-time mode. In addition, two new weapons can now be found in Battle Royale – the HS2126 shotgun and the UL736 LMG. The UL736 is a powerful LMG that can lay down cover fire for teammates or help you hold crucial locations like the high ground in the final moments of a Battle Royale match.

A Shock to the System

Add a spark to your gameplay with the Killstreak – the RC Shock. Available to earn at Tier 25 in the free Battle Pass, the RC Shock is a controllable mini car that shocks enemies on contact.

Players can earn the RC Shock by getting 350 points in a match, once it is selected as one of your Killstreaks.

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