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Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Cheshire Park

As part of Season Four Reloaded, our Allegiance and Coalition forces are set to infiltrate Cheshire Park.

Instead, Cheshire Park is a quasi-traditional, “three lane” 6v6 map that welcomes a variety of playstyles. This is your Tactical Map Intel for Cheshire Park:

Lay of the Land:

It’s Day 176 in the ongoing struggle between the ex-Armistice alliance members from the Coalition and Allegiance.

Map Detail:

Cheshire Park contains three distinct lanes of combat created by the Garden Square and four streets that circle this central park area.

Map Overview

The following set of maps detail the entirety of Cheshire Park, including the locations of important areas in different game modes, and a topographical image.

Basic Strategies

At first glance, Operators will see this as a traditional three-lane map, but there is far more strategy than what appears on the surface:

A Weapon to Avoid Getting in a Right Kettle of Fish

While every weapon can be used to dominate your competition, for those who favor a balanced playstyle, an assault rifle could be a good fit on this map.

Killstreak Field Guide

As soon as a lethal enemy Killstreak comes online, try ducking into one of the six large interior spaces around Cheshire Park, bearing in mind you may have to clear out any enemies who are waiting for those seeking cover.

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