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The Rytec AMR: How to Unlock the New Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Free for all players who complete its challenge, the Rytec AMR is an anti-material rifle listed within the greater sniper rifle category capable of ripping through enemy equipment and vehicles, let alone infantry.

This semi-automatic Anti-Material Rifle is chambered in .50 BMG for dominant long range assaults. A 25x59mm high-explosive payload variant is officially listed as “experimental, but has been deployed on multiple classified missions with great effectiveness.

Get 3 Quickscope Kills using Sniper or Marksman Rifles in 15 different matches.

Unlocking the Rytec AMR will require you to relive the “glory days” of quickscoping in Call of Duty. Fortunately, as you’ll find when attempting this challenge, quickscopers old and new can have some fun en route to unlocking this awesome AMR.

An Alternate Way to Unlock the Rytec AMR

Before we give our tips for unlocking this powerful long-range rifle, there is another way to unlock the Sniper Rifle Delta family outside of the challenge. Now available in the Store, the ‘Lost Souls’ bundle includes the Damnation blueprint for Sniper Rifle Delta. With these attachments combined, this configures a highly mobile weapon capable of aiming down sights at blazing speed compared to the base weapon.

Top 5 Rytec AMR Challenge Tips

5. Marksman or Sniper Rifle? Sniper rifles have a more forgiving damage profile, allowing for one-shot kills at greater distances and, in some cases, below the upper chest. However, marksman rifles are more mobile and make it easier to quickscope, at the cost of it being harder to land a reliable one-shot kill outside of a headshot.

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