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Call of Duty® Mobile: The Tactician’s Guide to Gunfight on Gulag

Welcome to the Gulag, soldier. Let’s hope you’re in fighting shape, because there’s only two ways out of here.

Radioactive Agent, the seventh season for Call of Duty: Mobile, presents a new limited time event: Gunfight in the Gulag. This 2v2 tactical mode takes place on the iconic Gulag from Warzone, the Battle Royale experience from the world of Modern Warfare®.

Map Overview

The Gulag is a small, symmetrical map featuring three primary vertical lanes that offer a clear view from one spawn to the other. Rows of sinks and shower stalls between the lanes offer cover and visual obstruction for players to weave in and out of view.

The sinks and shower stalls are large enough and close enough together that you can quickly lose sight of your enemies, suddenly turning every direction into a potential point of attack.

Rules of Engagement – Gunfight

Before we go in-depth on map strategies, let’s review how Gunfight works.

Your Loadout

There are no custom loadouts in Gunfight. The game assigns the same loadout to all players, consisting of a primary and secondary weapon as well as lethal and tactical equipment. The loadout changes every two rounds.

Your Mission

To win a round you must eliminate the enemy team or capture the overtime objective. If neither team captures the overtime objective, victory goes to the team with the most health.

The first team to win six rounds wins the match.

Gulag Tactics

There are two main opening strategies to consider: look straight down the center or side lanes to try and catch an enemy out in the open or take cover to hide from view in an attempt to surprise and flank the enemy.

Aim down sights if you’re checking the center or side lane; the milliseconds you save in doing so will win rounds against enemies less prepared. Stay on the move, seek out the enemy, and keep moving when you engage them.

5. Use All Your Tools.

4. Overwatch in Overtime. Consider using the objective as bait in overtime, especially if your side has more health than the other. The enemy will be forced to take it if they want the win, and you’ll be ready to shoot when they get there.

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