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The Kali Sticks: How to Unlock the New Melee Weapon in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Season Four brought a new melee weapon into the fray across Multiplayer, Co-Op, and Warzone.

Free for everyone who completes the challenge, the Kali Sticks are going to break some bones more than words can ever hurt your opponents. “Dual wielding batons allow operators to approach their targets with great agility. Sturdy, lightweight design enables rapid attacks for zoning your enemies.

An Alternate Way to Unlock the Kali Sticks

Before we give our tips for unlocking these dual batons of doom, there is another way to unlock the Kali Sticks outside of the challenge. This bundle has only three items, and one of them is a blueprint of the Kali Sticks known as the Ram Jam. These red-painted sticks are functionally similar to the normal Kali Sticks, but allow you to try them out before unlocking them fully through the challenge.

Top 5 Kali Sticks Challenge Tips

5. Wood You Mind Making a Melee Loadout? You’ll need to use a loadout with a Combat Knife, but ideally, you should build around a melee playstyle. Here’s a recommended loadout we have for that, keeping in mind you should use a loadout that’s to your personal preference:

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