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Mode Recon: All or Nothing

Rules of Engagement

All or Nothing is Free-For-All mode where players must get 20 kills to win. However, instead of a traditional loadout, all players begin the game with a Throwing Knife (that also acts as a Combat Knife) and an empty handgun.

The Specialist perk is activated by default and you gain additional perks as you get kills. Scavenger is the first perk you get, and it enables you to pick up ammo from fallen players.

Strategies to Give it All

A helpful strategy for All or Nothing is to stay mobile, utilize your active Specialist perks, and never forget about your Throwing Knife. Play a few matches to get accustomed to the cadence of perks you earn and play to their strengths. Quickly close distances before executing a throw or use it to sneak up on an unsuspecting opponent and finish them off.

Even after you’ve gained some ammo, the Throwing Knife is still arguably the strongest part of your arsenal.

Map Specific Tips

Talsik Backlot Backlot is a map with a high building density, so that can make it easier to get your first kill.

Key Tips and Tactics for All or Nothing

1. Knife Life. At the beginning of the match, you’ll just be an Operator with your knife. Remember, it’s always easier to thrown down at an opponent or at a distracted or stationary enemy. Lastly, don’t forget about gravity.

Banking a knife kill is not just an epic play; it’s often a necessary strategy, particularly if your throws aren’t perfect. Pre-positioning for an accurate Throwing Knife kill can go a long way in hitting your mark.

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