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Call of Duty® Mobile: The Survivor’s Guide to Radiated Sector and Attack of the Undead

Only the strongest will survive.

Radioactive Agent, the seventh season for Call of Duty: Mobile, presents the Radiated Sector event, a limited time challenge that starts on Jun 18 PT until July 2 during which players fight to increase their Resistance Level and earn new rewards.

Survive and Thrive in Radiated Sector

Increase your Resistance Level by administering Stim Shots. You earn a Stim Shot for every kill you get in Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches. The longer you play and the more kills you get, the more Stim Shots you can consume, raising your Resistance Level in the process.


Attack of the Undead is available on Tunisia, Standoff, Crash, Raid, and Summit Following a ten second countdown, one randomly chosen Survivor is turned to the Undead side. The first Undead player is able to use their gun to get the first kill.

Your Mission:

As a Survivor, your mission is to eliminate Undead players and stay alive until the match timer runs out.

Your Goal:

More kills = More Stim Shots earned. Every kill in Attack of the Undead earns double Stim Shots, whether those kills are earned as a Survivor or as the Undead.

Top 5 Tips for Attack of the Undead

Move away from the other Survivors during the initial countdown. You never know who will be assigned as the first Undead player. You don’t want to be caught next to the one who turns.

The Sentry Gun is certainly a good offensive tool against the Undead, but don’t neglect the Transform Shield’s ability to slow down the horde when you most need it. Even better, pair up with another Survivor and use the two together.

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