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Call of Duty® Warzone: Top 10 Tips for the Community’s Hottest Drops

The Warzone map is massive, stretching from the northern mountain pass down into the urban valley, from Junkyard in the west to the industrial east. Whether you’re fighting for survival in Battle Royale or getting rich quick in Plunder and Blood Money, the better you know the map, the better your odds of victory.

Tips for Fighting in All Five Sectors of Verdansk

A good match starts with a good drop, and a good drop means knowing the terrain and what you can get out of it, whether you’re fighting alone or in a squad. North 1. Anticipating trouble at the Dam? West 3. Scrapyard will be familiar ground for Call of Duty veterans, which may make it a hotly contested area if it is part of the safe area. And don’t forget to check the catwalk of Scrapyard Warehouse 3, one that’s been a notorious sniper perch for decades.

4. If you parachute from the Atlas Superstore – especially from the pitched roof – you can land on top of the roof sections in the Parking Lot. Here, you could get some unique high ground against enemies within the lot or that are checking out of the Superstore.


1. The entire Hospital has an incredibly dense interior section. And be prepared for close-quarters combat, which these interior spaces encourage. If your squad wants to loot a reliable area for specific loot types, mark the Promenade down on your Tac Map.

Central and South

Or, fight fire with fire by taking up residency on another rooftop. 2. Your parachute is your best friend when taking the high ground in Downtown. Remember that you can pull the chute if you are taking a potentially fatal plunge and parachuting through the city could be one of the fastest modes of transportation.

East If you do, you’ll be rewarded with one incredible 360-degree sightline that goes from across the Karst River all the way to Gulag. 4. The Zordaya Prison Complex Yard can hold valuable loot and even vehicles, but the guard towers and wall can house enemy sharpshooters. Be cautious when wandering out onto the yard, lest you be sent to the Gulag.

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