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Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Meltdown

Whether you’re a veteran ready to be reacquainted with Meltdown or you’re playing this map for the first time, we’ve got tips to help you succeed in the fight.

Map Overview

The initial spawns are located to the west and the east side of the map, with each team gaining quick access to a two-story control building or straight through to the bottom or middle lane.

A ramp structure on either side of the middle lane leads up to a middle hill, with a ground floor underpass for quick access to the other side. Second story windows in the control buildings offer snipers a view of this hill.

Basic Tips

For the rusty and uninitiated, Meltdown can seem like a maze from which enemies appear at all angles. Take advantage of the underpass cutting through the middle rampway, either for a quick dash out to the other side or to prevent enemy players from doing the same. It’s additionally useful for getting behind enemy players going up the opposite side of the ramp — rush through, turn around, and shoot them in the back. Just be sure that you don’t expose your own back to enemy fire in the process.

Scorestreak Field Guide

Meltdown is fairly open to the skies, but the control buildings, the side rooms between top and middle, and the cooling tower all offer protection from above, so time your Scorestreaks accordingly if you plan on using aerial-based attacks.

Objective Play

This mode will test your ability to control the ramp and learn all the different sightlines and shortcuts connected to it which is invaluable information that will improve your play across all modes.

This forces you to consider the map’s vertical layout more thoughtfully, bringing into focus all the various shortcuts between lanes. Move quickly and work on your flanking play.

10 Tips 9. A well-placed Smoke Grenade can do wonders when you need to get somewhere fast but you’re not sure where the enemy might be. This is particularly true in cooling tower, where smoke will reduce the enemy’s ability to hide behind a post and take shots at anyone coming near.

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