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Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: CR-56 AMAX

The Season Four Battle Pass system not only includes the Fennec SMG, but also the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle, both available to be earned free for all players.

Chambered in high caliber ammunition, this assault rifle packs a serious punch:

CR-56 AMAX Overview

The CR-56 AMAX is in the same ballpark of heavier-hitting, slower firing assault rifles like the AK-47, but isn’t necessarily in Oden territory. Compared to the AK-47, the CR-56 sacrifices a little bit of power and range for a better fire rate and mobility.

And in terms of recoil, expect a vertical recoil kick similar to, the AK-47: high after the first few bullets, but overall very little side-to-side action.

The Emissary

Available at Tier 100 in the Season Four Battle Pass, the Emissary combines several aiming stability and recoil control/stabilization attachments to create an accurate, yet still snappy, weapon.

The lone attachment detractor from the control/stabilization combo of the FTAC Spartan Stock, Commando Foregrip, Granulated Grip Tape, and Compensator is one of the three available barrels for the weapon.

1. Going the Distance

Primary: CR-56 AMAX Primary: CR-56 AMAX

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