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This Week in Call of Duty® - June 15

One in the Chamber is a Free-For-All mode where each player begins the match with a single bullet in a randomly select weapon. You can earn another bullet by getting a kill, and every weapon is a one-shot kill.

Found in the ‘Featured’ tab, this bundle is packed with three Legendary weapons – the ‘Psychosis’ assault rifle, ‘Evil Manifest’ SMG, and new ice pick weapon with the ‘Crevasse’ melee blueprint.


Get a closer look at some of the events happening in Verdansk this week and Intel on where to watch all the action streaming #LiveFromWarzone. Then watch two days of the NAVY MWR tournament followed by two days of the Adrenaline Cyber Rivals tourney to get your streaming fix of Warzone every day this week! Check back next Monday to discover what’s new and streaming #LiveFromWarzone.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Radioactive Agent, Season Seven, is live and players can experience the latest map – Tunisia! Players can earn more goods in a new unified Battle Pass system, available now. Head in-game to view all the gear players can get at free tiers just by playing and purchase the Battle Pass to unlock rewards at every tier including Hazmat Ghost at Tier 1.

Jump into the Tunisia Tussle Multiplayer playlist. You’ll get to experience all Tunisia, all the time in a moshpit of multiple modes. Master the tips and tricks of the map with the help of the Games Blog Tunisia Snapshot, then go tussle with the competition.

And starting June 16, Prop Hunt returns to the 2XP Featured Playlist spotlight. If you’re a prop, blend into your surroundings and be wary of the whistle. For those on the hunt, keep your eyes peeled for props on the move and listen to see if maybe that bicycle just made a sound...

Last weekend, the standings shifting again following the Minnesota RØKKR Home Series. Get a complete breakdown of the tournament in the After Action Report and check out the updated season standings here.

Then catch up with the teams, players, and latest news on the Call of Duty League website.

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Call of Duty®: Warzone – Live From Warzone Announcement


Apr 14, 2020 by Call of Duty


We’re about to go #LiveFromWarzone with new tournaments, entertainment, and surprises all around the game you love.

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