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Radioactive Agent, the new Season of Call of Duty®: Mobile, is now live!

A new Season begins! Radioactive Agent is now live and comes packed with new content including new modes, an expanded Battle Royale map, earnable functional weapons, new skins for your favorite soldiers, more events like Radiated Sector, and more.

A Single Unified Battle Pass

Radioactive Agent brings a major change to the Battle Pass systems, as players will now progress along a single stream of content. Free tiers spread throughout the stream reward content to all players who reach those tiers, while players who purchase the Battle Pass will unlock content at each and every tier.

Now let’s look at some of the fun content available in the Radioactive Agent Battle Pass.

Free Tiers

At Tier 14, all players gain access to the new Cluster Strike Scorestreak — rain damage on your foes with this devastating air-to-ground attack. Progress to Tier 21 to unlock a new functional weapon, the QQ9 SMG. Free tiers throughout the stream also award the ‘Danger Zone’ and the ‘Caution’ camos for a variety of items.

Battle Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass to earn new content at every tier. Join the battle with Hazmat Ghost unlocked right at Tier 1, followed by Kreuger Alchemist at Tier 12. Also unlocked at Tier 50 is the Legendary Calling Card, ‘Pursuit.’ Fight your battles in style when you unlock the Rare ‘Radioactive’ and the Epic and dynamic ‘Barricade’ camo series.

An Expanded Battle Royale Experience

The Battle Royale map has undergone a huge expansion featuring seven new and diverse areas: Black Market, Harbor, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Heat, and Frigid Wetlands. Rediscover Battle Royale on the updated map, more than 45% larger than the original. Fire on your enemies in Heat, ice the competition in Ski Town, or spy on the opposition at the underground Black Market location, where multiple screens offer views of player and helicopter locations.

New Battle Royale Vehicle – Tank

Beware the tank. This deadly new vehicle is randomly air dropped into the match and can be occupied by a squad of four. The tank will drop into Battle Royale shortly after Season launch, so be ready

New Battle Royale Boss – The Butcher

The Butcher has entered the field.

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